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Core Buildups

A root canal is performed through an opening made in the chewing surface of a back tooth or the back side of a front tooth. This opening is filled with a filling, sometimes referred to as a core buildup.

Apicoectomy with retrograde filling

Particular cases may benefit from surgical revision of a previous root canal.

Intentional Replantation

Following root canal treatment, some teeth can be saved by removing the tooth from its socket, cleaning and repairing it, and replacing it back into its socket.

Root Amputation

In some instances, a tooth may be saved by removing one of its roots.


Specific teeth may require sectioning the tooth into two separate roots in order to save the tooth or surrounding bone.

Post Placement

A post acts as rebar for the tooth and is used when there is not much tooth left. This is used in addition to a core buildup.

Nitrous Oxide

Some patients find they are more successful with dental treatment when nitrous oxide is used to help them relax.

Internal Bleaching

Certain front teeth become very discolored. If you notice that one of your teeth has a distinctly different color, it may indicate a need for internal bleaching.